On the Edge

T&T by Anthony Carpinelli & Darren DeRochemonte

Scarlett Ibis rum is the backbone of this creation.  The island flavors of banana, pineapple, nuts and vanilla enhance the exotic flavors present in this off-the-beaten-path pot-still rum.  Order one and watch how the whole bar soon joins in. ... More.

Winter Silk by Michael Jackson

Combining the funk of Brazil's Avua Cachaca and the extreme depth of Salmiakki Scandinavian fernet is no small feat.  Mr. Jackson made a drink as smooth as the name implies that will surely inspire the imbiber contemplate the cross-Atlantic ingredients, if only for... ... More.

Bee On Thyme by Darren DeRochemonte

A fresh sprig of thyme draws you in to the mysterious complexity of Fontana Pisco.  Layered with the rich, exotic flavors of falernum and honey, all held together with St. Germain.  Our house-made falernum is made with over-proof Jamaican rum, lime zest, fresh... ... More.

Louisville Slugger by Laura Moore

A plethora of ingredients came together to make this delightful number.  Apples, sugars, citrus juice and zest mixed with Old Forester bourbon are a full choir of flavor. ... More.

Chimney Smoke by Darren DeRochemonte

Deceptive in appearance, this seemingly light and delicate libation is rich with apricot liqueur and smokey from Great Kings Streets Glasgow blended Scotch.  The flavors are perfect, and match that warm-sun-meets-cool-breeze feeling we Floridians are so familiar wi... ... More.

CC Resolution by Michael Jackson

A celebratory cocktail with fizz, this one adds complexity from Carpano's Antica Formula vermouth and a hint of bitterness from Cappeletti liqueur.  Prosecco provides the fizz to this trio of Italian delights. ... More.

Tanduay Rum

EDGE has a new spirit, Tanduay Asian Rum from the Philippines.   Sugar cane has been rooted in the Philippines for 1000s of years.  The origin of rum production in this region goes back as far the 17th century. Tanduay references the peninsula near the di... ... More.