Tanduay Rum

EDGE has a new spirit, Tanduay Asian Rum from the Philippines.   Sugar cane has been rooted in the Philippines for 1000s of years.  The origin of rum production in this region goes back as far the 17th century. Tanduay references the peninsula near the distillery, which was built in 1854.  Set for an aggressive entry into the US market, you will be seeing this brand behind more and more bars.

The Tanduay Silver is a blend of rums aged up to 5 years.  The vanilla nose and palate are layered with cinnamon spice.  This is complex rum with a strong desire to be mixed in a cocktail.  We created a drink with bright pomegranate and funky Swedish Punsch.  The result is as refreshing as it is complex, making for a curious drink worthy of the EDGE list.

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